Sunday, August 3, 2008


It is hard to believe that July has come and gone. I keep telling everyone that we are really boring and never do anything but in thinking back over this last month we have been gone 3 of the last 4 weekends! The weekend we did stay home we were in charge of our ward pioneer celebration and went to my cousin Jason's wedding at Targhee. I guess it true: Time flies when you are having fun!!
Here are a few pictures of what we have been up to:

This past weekend (Aug 1,2,3) we went and stayed in Hailey with Mike's sister Hayden. I wish I could say the trip was just for fun but it wasn't. Mike bought a backhoe in Boise and had to go pick it up. He and Josh went to Boise to get. They were also in the process of moving so we helped them pack a little and moved a lot of the big stuff . It was fun to visit and see the girls!! Tanner LOVES his cousin!! They had a blast playing!! He and Kendyl are sooo cute together!!

Tristen, Whitney, Tanner and Kendyl relaxing with a Popsicle!!

Tanner and Kendyl cooling off!!

July 11,12,13 we went to Kilgore camping with our good friends the Thomas'. It was a great weekend to be camping the weather was cool and the wild flowers were beautiful!! We rode 4 wheelers, played games and went swimming in the creek!!

Elly, Morgan, Makayla, Braden and Tanner on the front steps of our little cabin!!

Tanner loved their little 4-wheeler we had a hard time getting him off of it!! He did let Elly sit with him, but got mad when he couldn't be the driver:0)

Tanner played so hard he crashed in the hammock!!

Mike (Thomas) and Patti making breakfast!!!
We had a ton of fun camping in Kilgore and hope to get up there a few of more times in the coming months!!!

Our next adventure was the Clark family reunion July 17,18,19. I know that the majority of my blogg readers are family so I won't go into to much detail since you were all their :0) I also won't bore you with my 50 plus pictures since all of you have posted some GREAT pictures, but I do have a few of my sweet Tanner that are to cute not to post!!!

Tanner trying to fish. He wanted to do everything the big kids were doing!!
Like the pink fishing pole??
Tanner with his "Posse" as Rachel called them!!!
Hunter, Jayden and Braden were so cute and sweet to Tanner. They took him everywhere with them and took great care of him. He loved hanging out with his big cousins!!!!

Eating scones!!

Tanner taking his turn at the pinata!!!

Tanner riding the horse with grandpa Roger!!

We had a wonderful time at the reunion. It is easy to see that our family is truly blessed for the many relationships we have with our extended family!!

I know this post is already way to long but I just wanted to make a quick note to my little bro Adam that is on his mission in Florida!! I am horrible at writing, but I do know that he checks our blogg.

Hi Adam!!!!!

We LOVE you and MISS you and your are always in our prayers!!!


Janet said...

Cute pictures! Tanner is going to be quite the fisherman one day. He looks like a pro! Thanks for all your hard work at the reunion. You guys are talented and amazing. Thanks.

Brian and Kathi said...

WOW! You are having some awesome summer time fun! I can't believe how cute your little guy is! And he is gettin so grown! Miss ya all!

thehaucks said...

Kim-- HI! I am so glad Michelle told me about your blog. It is so fun to see you and your cute family! Now we can keep in touch more!